metal roofing benefits

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Metal roofs can potentially last many decades.
Compare this to asphalt shingles which need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Protective finishes on the metal offer great resistance to all types of weather. Most metal roofs come with a 40 year warranty from the manufacturer. They are durable and fire resistant and can be walked on without cracking. Maintenance is easy as they can be washed off to keep it looking new for many years. 

Metal roofs are durable while still being lightweight on load bearing structures.
They offer high wind resistance and excellent strength in the event that they need to withstand heavy snow. They resist shrinking and cracking. 

Metal roofs are stylish.
They offer a modern and distinctive look that is not found with traditional roofs. Many colors and styles are available for most any application. 

Metal roofs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Metal roofing is made up of up to 90%+ recycled materials. It can be recycled again when replaced. The process of making metal roofs is much different than shingle roofs using much less of an environmental footprint in the manufacturing process.

 Metal roofing can be installed all year long regardless of season.
Weather does not affect the durability of its installation.

Metal roofs can be a great investment.
Metal roofs can save you money.They are reflective to the suns's light and heat which can save you on your power bills over time. Metal roofs can be installed over existing shingles in some applications.


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